What is the most important trait to look for when hiring?

❓Employers and leaders ask all the time, when hiring, what should we look for, to ensure a successful hire?

⚠️It is a loaded question, right? So many variables come into play to mitigate risk and make the right decision. True enough!

However, without hesitation, I can firmly give a one word answer.


❓Are they RESILENT?

📈Life is not a linear path for any one of us. Our world is complex, continually changing, challenging all of us, every single day. How people react to these daily challenges will dictate their long-term, sustainable success.

1️⃣ The one question hiring managers need to answer on any candidate is, when this person is facing challenges in their new role, how are they going to react?

Anyone can achieve short term success, based on a lot of factors, but long term success, comes with a lot of ups and downs, and tests our RESILENCY like not other. Can they persevere, refocus and keep moving when things get tough? Are they RESILENT? That is the question hiring managers need to answer.

Some sample interview questions to gauge how RESILENT a candidate is:

❔”How do you deal with set backs? Can you give me an example?

❔”How do you cope with pressure” Can you give me an example?

❔”What has been your biggest professional failure to date and how did you deal with it?

Early on in my life/career, I didn’t realize the setbacks, misfortunes and adversity that I experienced was preparing me for what it takes for long term success. It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized, my actual hidden super power is being RESILENT, always finding a way and persevering no matter how tough it is.

I never want to forget the importance of consistently being resilient, so I took it to another level (see tattoo picture), to remind myself, of what I am and what I continue to aspire to be, RESILENT.

Matt Carter

Human Resource Consultant – SMART HR