The One Where a New Employee’s Dream Were Shattered

Kole’s first day at his new job was amazing!

He met the team, got a tour of the office, went to lunch with his new boss and got settled into his new office.

He was feeling great about his decision to change companies!

When he quit three months later, everyone was shocked. 😳

⚠ If your onboarding process stops after day 1 (or even month 1) your new employees are more likely to fall out of love with your company.

πŸ’‘It is proven during the first 30-60 days of your new hire, you have an opportunity to mold them into your team culture and values you hold dear. If you miss that opportunity they will likely settle into old habits, sometimes, not good ones, and it is much harder to change after the fact.

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πŸ’₯ Reach out to learn more….below is some additional best practices for onboarding.

14 Onboarding Best Practices:

Matt Carter

Human Resource Consultant – SMART HR