Executive Leadership Evaluations

⚠️Calling all CEOs, Executive Directors, Chief Administrative Officers, Boards, and Board Chairs!

⁉️ If your organization does not have a robust and standard evaluation processes for your executive officers there may be some miss alignment.

In the absence, how do you evaluate for potential bonuses or warranted pay increases?

🦸‍♂️Fear not, we have a ready to use tools to ensure proper process, communication and alignment. Let’s take the guessing game out of the equation and establish a robust process that boards and executives can appreciate, rely on and thrive under to make good decisions and hold leaders accountable.

💯 Executive evaluations are a fundamental component of effective corporate governance!

🚀 The evaluation process is vital to ensure the top executive is equipped and motivated to meet the demands of leading the organization and it’s an opportunity to find out how Boards/Councils can better support the leader.

👇🏼 Here are 5️⃣ great reasons why organizations should be doing executive evaluations:

🌟 Opens the lines of communication
🌟 Aligns the strategy with operations
🌟 Improves member/customer confidence
🌟 Fosters a culture of continuous improvement
🌟 Demonstrates the Board/Council’s commitment to effective governance

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Matt Carter

Human Resource Consultant – SMART HR