7 Tips To Attract and Retain Employees

Position and market yourself as an employer of choice, and improve employee retention, by becoming known as an employer that truly values and appreciates its employees.

Up your recognition game by following these 7 steps:

 ✅ Set recognition giving goals for yourself (and your managers)

✅ Schedule recognition giving for yourself (and your managers), until it becomes a habit

✅ Hold managers accountable for recognition giving

✅ Ask someone to hold you accountable for your own recognition giving

✅ Make it personal; ask employees how they want to be recognized

✅ Ask employees for feedback about how to be better at showing recognition

✅ Have note cards or small tokens of appreciation readily available for all managers

BONUS TIP: Think beyond cards and money and consider other meaningful rewards like food, time off, books, courses, subscriptions, professional fees or formal mentorship/coaching as great options to show your appreciation!

Regular employee recognition instills a sense of purpose in your workforce and by ensuring that your employees are properly recognized, you encourage them to bring their best to work every day – AND, it’s almost guaranteed that they will share their recognition experiences with their friends and family, or post them on social media, which will draw more candidates to your organization!

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Beverly Somers, HR Consultant