7 Tips for Hiring Your Next Superstar

  1. Take your time. As challenging as it is to have a vacant position, rushing the process could lead to less desirable results. Take your time to complete every step of the process well. If you don’t find a great candidate right away, consider different ways to promote the position to attract new interest.
  2. Pre-screen applicants. Pre-screening applicants is a quick and effective way to assess potential employees way before an interview takes place. Use this time to ask questions about the candidate’s background and get to know their skills and experience within the context of the job. This ensures you are inviting only the most qualified candidates on for an in-person interview.
  3. Assess their skills. Just because an applicant looks like they are qualified on paper doesn’t mean they can put that knowledge into practice. Ask interview applicants to prepare a presentation, complete a case study or offer solutions to a work problem.
  4. Put them to the test. Psychometric testing is a game-changer in recruitment! This is a great way to measure mental capability and aptitude, and to assess how a candidate might perform and behave in the workplace. 
  5. Check references. Contacting references allows you to hear how the candidate’s previous work was perceived by others. Even though most applicants typically list references that will offer more positive feedback, it can still be valuable. ⚠ Watch for a possible red flag if a candidate doesn’t list their last employer as a reference.
  6. Rock the onboarding process.  Effective onboarding is more than just filling out paperwork; it’s a full integration into the culture early and often.  Assign a buddy, review the mission, vision and values, and explain the company’s service standards and strategic objectives. Go the extra mile by taking the employ employee out for lunch and including an Onboarding Survival Kit with swag pack of branded merchandise and a personal note from the employee’s new manager.
  7. Set them up for success.  A documented probationary review process is the best way to evaluate the employee’s suitability for the role and give them an opportunity to adapt and improve.  This process provides holds managers accountable for providing regular feedback to the employee and giving recognition for job well done.  Be sure to share a copy of the probationary review evaluation form with the new employee so that they are clear on what is expected of them.

Remember that hiring a rock star candidate is a competitive process, and you should be prepared to adapt and be patient in your search.

Our experienced and certified HR consultants can help set you and your managers up for success by providing guidance on these human resource best practices!

Beverly Somers

Human Resource Consultant – SMART HR