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☎ Client: An employee is asking for accommodation for a mental disability. This is the first time we’ve heard of them having a disability and they are not giving us much information. Can you help me through this, so I don’t say or do the wrong thing!?

☎ Me: Definitely! Let’s start with understanding some of the basics around accommodation and then we can put a plan in place to help you and your employee through this process.

✔ The employee is not required to disclose specific diagnoses or even the category of disability, but is required to provide enough information to enable the employer to provide the accommodation. This can include a note from a medical doctor stating that there is a valid disability requiring accommodation, what the work-related limitations are, and what the prognosis for recovery is.

✔ A physician is required to provide the employer medical information upon request. If suggestions are sought for modified job details, they must be as specific as possible and state, whenever possible, if the job restrictions are permanent or temporary and give the expected recovery time.

✔ The employee is not entitled to a perfect accommodation (or the exact accommodation they are requesting) – this is simply not practical. The needs of the organization must also be considered.

🚑 HR911: Contact us if you’d like a sample letter and form that you can send to the physician to gather more information to help you make an informed decision on accommodation.

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