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SMART Human Resource Solutions

Moncton, NB

SMART Human Resource Solutions was born in the heart of the Maritimes!

We are proud to call Greater Moncton home and are committed to helping businesses thrive in our community and beyond.

Moncton, New Brunswick has been dubbed a ‘magnet city’. According to KPMG, “magnet cities bubble over with new ideas that help to establish new businesses, social networks and infrastructure. Restaurants, shops and bars blossom. Visitors appear and spend money. Big business is lured in by the buzz and new operations are established in the never-ending battle for talent. New jobs are created. The city’s economy grows”.

Why choose us, as your trusted Human Resource Consultants?

We exist to provide SMART HR solutions for clients so they can spend more time serving their customers, creating rewarding workplaces for their employees, and growing their businesses.

SMART Human Resource Solutions Inc., and our HR services are uniquely qualified to serve Moncton’s thriving business community.

Given the nature of our business, we can offer services onsite, virtually, or both and can provide effective solutions for clients throughout the Maritimes, and the rest of Canada! Whether it is HR tool-box solutions, HR911 guidance or 360 Recruitment, we are here to serve the business community.

Below is a sample of some of the HR Services our Human Resource Consultant’s provide.

HR Consulting Service

When you are in a pinch and require HR help, we provide HR911 advice, we are here to serve all of your HR needs. From facilitation of terminations to performance issues and everything in between.

On-Demand HR Solutions

We have a variety of customizable, ready to go, HR tool-box solutions ready to go, to help enhance your HR infrastructure.

We have from Job Descriptions, Performance Management, Recruitment Strategies, Compensation Models & Strategies, and everything in between. Click here for an extensive list of HR customizable tool-box solutions.

Recruitment Services

Our 360 Degree Recruitment is simple, we treat it, for what it is, a project, with a defined timeline and specific outcome. We do it all, or you choose the deliverable you want help with.

Executive HR Coaching

We are here to guide leaders, CEOs, Executive Directors, Managers, and HR Managers through their team and HR challenges, and propose proven solutions that work.

If you need a Human Resource solution that is not listed here, give us a call and we can create it!